WorkSafe Sam “Stretch Prompter”

“Micro breaks” are an excellent way to combat your risk of musculoskeletal injury.   If possible, take ‘micro-breaks’ several times an hour while you’re at the computer.  These breaks don’t need to be long–even a few seconds is better than nothing–and you’ll probably find they increase your mental alertness and productivity.

A simple way to remind yourself is to use a break reminder program.  The program will remind you to take a quick break every so often.   You may be surprised at how quickly 15 or 30 minutes go by, so don’t just rely on yourself to remember to take those breaks.

WorksafeBC has a downloadable tool called Worksafe Sam that runs in the Windows operating system.  Download the WorkSafe Sam “Stretch Prompter,” a desktop tool that provides stretching tips to help reduce eye and muscle strain for office workers.

Download WorkSafe Sam 9 mb zip