Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Ergonomic Assessments

Ergo-Motion Consulting is happy to now provide its services in the city of Toronto, home to more than 2.7 million people. Home of the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Rock, Toronto is no stranger to injuries that can happen during games. Injuries that happen on the job, however, are gaining popularity all over Canada.

Ergo-Motion Consulting can provide services of both industrial and office ergonomic assessments. In the financial capital of Canada, computers are prevalent in the workplace. Demands of the use of these computers may vary from individual to individual, in both duration of use and type of use. This is the benefit of an office ergonomic assessment, that it will provide individual recommendations to fit the workstation to the user. In doing this, the risks of musculoskeletal disorders are decreased, and comfort and productivity increases.

If you are experiencing discomfort while working, you may benefit from an ergonomic assessment. Ergo-Motion Consulting is again pleased to offer both office and industrial ergonomic assessments in Toronto.
We are committed to offering comprehensive services throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada, and if not in the City of Toronto, we will happily work with you to arrange for service in your location.

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