Part 6: Popular Risk Factors

Common things that are done at work or home that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an injury that develops over time.

a. Repetitive movements with wrists and/or fingers. For example, typing; greater WPM, greater repetition.

b. Forceful contractions such as typing while pressing the buttons very hard. Pressing the mouse more forcefully than necessary over time could cause carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

c. Extreme flexion or extension of the wrist. A common situation, aside from typing, is the biking position of the wrists when on the handlebars.

d. Mechanical stress over median nerve in the hand or wrist. A common situation is wearing gloves that are too tight. This can occur in any profession which gloves are commonly worn, such as dentists or lab technicians.

e. Vibrating instruments are difficult to improve but are present. Be sure to take breaks from drilling and consider purchasing vibration dampening gloves. Drilling into the ground with a jack hammer is an example.

If pain or discomfort is present, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Ergo-Motion Consulting has devised a convenient ergonomic assessment tool to determine if an ergonomic assessment is beneficial for individuals and companies alike. Feel free to visit to take the assessment.

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