Part 3: Why is Neck Posture Common? (Continued.)

Driving posture. The chairs of a car are slanted backwards because of the upward tilt of the seat pan to decrease the pressure on the back. However this means that in order to see the road, our heads are not on the head rest, but rather we need to flex it forward. This is especially problematic for people who drive long distances.

Sleeping. When sleeping on the stomach, we are forced to rotate our head to the side so that we can breathe. This position stretches the muscles of the neck on one side. Another problem is that very thick pillows will accentuate the rotation, or if sleeping on the back with the large pillow, will cause a flexed neck while sleeping.

With cellphones emerging in popularity and use of it via games, surfing the web and texting, cellphone users tend to look down, flexing the neck, in order to view the cellular device.

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