Part 2: Why is Neck Posture Common?

There are things that are done in everyday life that contribute to neck strain. Listed below are a few examples.

Work. Whether we are standing and doing work or sitting and doing work, there are postures that are very not helpful. During standing work, the trunk is flexed forward, and the head is pushed forward, no longer sitting over the base of support. Muscles of the neck must contract to prevent the head from falling forward.

When doing seated work, a horizontal surface is often used to read and write. The neck must bent (flexed) forward to be able to see the horizontal surface.

When doing seated work on a computer, the neck is often bent forward to better see the screen.

Even when sitting in a doctor’s office or waiting to see someone at the bank, it is likely that the seats do not have neck support. If it is present, it is unlikely to correctly fit all people.

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