Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Ergonomic Assessments

Ergo-Motion Consulting is happy to announce that services are available in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa. The services that we provide include both industrial and office ergonomic assessments.

Workers in Ottawa have a commonality in the work that they do, that injury is a possibility. Waiters and government workers for example, have a commonality in the work that they do. They are both in a job in which carpal tunnel syndrome is a risk with the use of trays and computers respectively.

Workplace demands vary both in the type of task and the duration of the task. Therefore the risk of injury of an individual is different from others, despite the fact they may have the same job description, because of individual characteristics. This is the benefit of an office ergonomic assessment, that it will provide individual recommendations to better fit the workstation to the user.
If you are experiencing pain or discomfort while working, you may benefit from an ergonomic assessment. Ergo-Motion Consulting is again pleased to offer both office and industrial ergonomic assessments in Ottawa.

We are committed to offering comprehensive services throughout Ontario and Canada, and if not in Ottawa, we will happily work with you to arrange for service in your location.

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