Oshawa, Ontario, Canada – Ergonomic Assessments

Oshawa – “Prepare to be amazed” (Oshawa.ca). Not only is it the home of the General Motors Canada headquarters, it is has a backdrop that has been featured in popular movies such as Billy Madison and X-Men. The city of Oshawa is a very unique city, just like those who live in it.

We want to strive to make Oshawa even more unique, by encouraging a healthy workforce with the goal of fewer injuries. Ergo-Motion Consulting is happy to announce its expansion of services to Oshawa, in hopes of making Oshawa more unique with fewer work-related injuries.

Ergo-Motion Consulting will offer both industrial and office ergonomic assessments. The ergonomic assessments are beneficial to both workers and companies because they minimize the risks of injury at the workplace and also increase comfort and increasing productivity as a result. They work to fit the environment to the worker, instead of fitting the worker to the environment (which is not uncommon).
If you are experiencing discomfort or pain while working, you may benefit from an ergonomic assessment. Ergo-Motion Consulting is pleased to offer both office and industrial ergonomic assessments in Oshawa, Ontario.

We are committed to offering comprehensive services throughout Ontario and Canada, and if not in Oshawa, we will happily work with you to arrange for service in your location.

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