October 2008 newsletter

Are ‘Ergonomic’ products better?

In response to the rising number of repetitive strain injury (RSI) cases, marketers are now plastering the magic word ERGONOMIC on many products. However, just because a manufacturer claims a product is ergonomic doesn’t make it so. In fact, some designs that flaunt this word may actually heighten your risk of injury. A truly ergonomic tool should be designed for humans, rather than forcing humans to contort themselves around ill-designed tools.
Look at the risk factors for injury. Devices that immobilize the wrists (such as splints) or encourage improper body movement/positions (such as wrist rests) can actually contribute to injury, if not used properly, by limiting normal movement and compromising circulation. Any tool that encourages the overuse of one hand can lead to RSI, not prevent it. On the other hand, a good telephone headset really is ergonomic because you avoid cramming the handset between your head and shoulder.
RSI have many risk factors, and using ergonomic tools is only part of the solution. Keeping in shape, stretching, and moving regularly throughout the day are also a big part of the picture.

Tip of the Month

Good sitting posture at your workstation means your shoulders are relaxed,not scrunched up and tight around your neck, your feet are flat on the floor, not dangling, and you can sit up straight without slouching to do your work.


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