North Bay, Ontario, Canada

It’s all here.

Variety is the spice of life and the city of North Bay has that. The healthy environment is encouraged by the many forests creating cleaner air to breathe, and spring-fed water. With the outside environment doing very well, Ergo-Motion Consulting wants to look at the inside, working environment.

There are risks of injury in any line of work. There are the very immediate injuries that can be seen in jobs such as construction, to the cumulative injuries in computer work that take a longer duration to develop. Ergo-Motion Consulting is happy to announce that its services are now offered to the city of North Bay. The services provided include both industrial and office ergonomic assessments.

Ergonomic assessments are beneficial in minimizing the risks of injury and increasing comfort by fitting the environment to the worker. Since no two people are the same, the assessment will provide individual recommendations.
If you are experiencing discomfort or pain while working, you may benefit from an ergonomic assessment. Ergo-Motion Consulting is pleased to offer both office and industrial ergonomic assessments in North Bay, Ontario.

We are committed to offering comprehensive services throughout Ontario, and we will happily work with you to arrange for service in your location.

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Photo by: Chris Pigeon