March 2009 newsletter

Ergonomics in Today’s Economy

Amidst economic uncertainty, employees worldwide are working harder than ever, which often means extra time hunched over the computer. Repetitive motion injuries, caused from everyday tasks like typing, reading a computer screen and talking on the phone can creep up on you if precautions are not taken. Not surprisingly, this type of injury is one of the top ten causes of the most disabling workplace injuries.

We all know the feeling of a sore neck from holding the phone on your shoulder while talking and typing, or the ache in your wrist from too much mouse action. Proactive ergonomics involves making changes before injuries occur and can not only save you and your employees pain but also be cost effective for your organization. When it comes to basic office safety, prevention is key. Often simple and inexpensive adjustments will have a lasting impact. These tied with employee education can not only prevent injury, but also increase comfort and productivity.

Keep in mind that you can provide your employees with the most expensive office equipment on the market, but it won’t make a difference if they’re not using them correctly. If your organization doesn’t provide employees with an ergonomic assessment, resources or classes, now is the time to implement them. It’s worth the initial cost and your employees are worth the investment.


Studies have shown that providing your employees with a new office chair and education on how to use it can increase productivity by 5-10%.


Ergo-Motion Consulting provides ergonomics consulting and education services throughout North America. We offer a wide variety of customized services, including office ergonomic assessments, industrial ergonomic assessments, educational sessions, and training webinars.

We have developed strong relationships with complementary companies to help our clients solve problems in the following areas:

– Occupational Health & Safety
– Organizational Development
– HR: Recruitment and Selection
– Disability Management
– Personal training & Wellness
– Equipment design and custom fabrication

About Ergo-Motion Consulting

Ergo-Motion Consulting has extensive experience in the management and control of musculoskeletal injury risk factors. We provide ergonomic consulting and educational training focused on improving the performance of your people and preventing injuries. Our solutions are cost effective, reduce injuries and improve productivity. We focus on the root cause of problems, leading to ergonomic solutions. We offer both industrial and office ergonomic services.

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