June 2009 Newsletter

Physical Demands Analyses

Physical Demands Analyses (PDA), are also known as Job Site Analysis, Job Demands Analysis, Job Site Visit, and a host of other names.  A PDA is a systematic procedure to quantify and evaluate the physical and environmental demand components of all essential and non-essential tasks of a job.  The PDA is a process of establishing what a job is in its entirety, and forms the cornerstone of the analytical process used to determine compatibility between a worker and a specific job.

A PDA, therefore, becomes an essential document to be used in many phases of employment. For instance, it can be used in the following situations:

  1. to develop pre-employment, post offer testing protocols
  2. as a basis for developing transitional or light duties
  3. an objective measurement to determine what is ‘standard’
  4. in return to work planning
  5. identify safety concerns, engineering and administrative improvements

Additionally, in the event that an employee is injured, an employer has the right to request functional information from a treating health professional about the injured employee.  The purpose of obtaining an injured workers functional abilities is for facilitating the worker’s timely return to work.  Therefore, the primary role of this functional information is to assess whether an injured worker can return to work.  In the absense of documented physical demands of that employee’s job tasks, this functional information is not useful.

Ergo-Tip – Keyboard Positioning

1.  Use a keyboard tray with a downward tilt, if possible.   This will keep your wrists in a neutral position.

2.  Center the spacebar of the keyboard in front of you to keep your body in a neutral position.

3.  Avoid using a wrist rest as they can put pressure on the nerves running through your wrist.

4.  Position your keyboard in such a way that your forearms are parallel to your thighs with both feet flat on the floor (or footrest).  This will help maintain proper blood flow to the hands and arms while decreasing muscle strain and tension.

Our Services:

Ergo-Motion provides ergonomics consulting and education services throughout North America. We offer a wide variety of customized services, including office ergonomic assessments, industrial ergonomic assessments, educational sessions, and training webinars.

We have developed strong relationships with complementary companies to help our clients solve problems in the following areas:

  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Organizational Development
  • HR: Recruitment and Selection
  • Disability Management
  • Personal training & Wellness
  • Equipment design and custom fabrication

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