Improve Typing Skills to Increase Productivity and Decrease Risk of Injury

Ergo-Motion Consulting has announced the release of a new
complimentary tool called the typing tutor. It is a tool that provides lesson
plans and activities dedicated to improve both typing efficiency and decrease
the risk of injury due to improper keystroking technique on the keyboard.

This is a computer-dominated age. Computers are used in marketing,
advertising, movie-making, etc. However, these computers are only useful if the
user is capable. Every device is not without its dangers. The dangers with working
on a computer are not apparent and not very immediate, but they are present.
Carpal tunnel syndrome, neck strain and repetitive strain injuries are a few
terms used when referring to these dangers. They refer to what can happen if
techniques of using the computer are not properly learned and executed.

By increasing the words-per-minute (WPM) count, employees will
increase their productivity in regards to the computer, and not only that but
do it with a decreased risk of repetitive strain injuries. The best thing about
typing tutor is that it comes at no cost.

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this new complimentary new tool.