Gearing up for the Olympics

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are almost here, and roads are beginning to be closed throughout many areas of downtown Vancouver.  As such, we are advising our downtown Vancouver clients that there may be service delays for on-site ergonomic assessments in the month of February.  Also, we are scheduling all non-urgent assessments to before February 5th and after March 1, 2010.    During this time, we will be sending our consultants who need to go downtown on transit only.  Please see for more information on road closures and transit updates.

We will continue to be able to provide our downtown Vancouver clients with our web-based Comfort Zone software and telephone consultations during this time.    It will simply be in-person assessments that may be delayed.

At this time, it is not anticipated that other areas of Metro Vancouver will be affected, although we may find some traffic delays around other Olympic venues may result in tardiness to appointment times.

Ergo-Motion is excited to operate in the host city of the Winter Olympics, and is looking forward to cheering on Canada!  Go Canada!