Part 6: Solutions to the Repetitiveness of a Job or Task

Work-Recovery Cycles

Ensure adequate amount of rest breaks are taken while working. This is aside from the breaks given by the company. Breaks can include walking to the water cooler, or going to the washroom. Seated work is common, and the breaks that are taken can be a short 10-20 second standing break. Although these short breaks do not require much time, they are very beneficial because changes in posture will better hydrate the back and encourage blood circulation throughout the body.

Task Variability

If there are multiple tasks that require different muscle groups such as typing tasks and calling tasks, alternate them so that you are not typing for four hours straight. These can be considered as active breaks because in essence a break is given to the fatiguing muscles, but work is still being done by a different muscle.

Change Tools

If tools are harmful and causing contact stresses, the best thing to do would be to purchase new tools that fit the user better. For example, use tools that are long enough, use tools that have rounded handles instead of squared handles, and use tools that have handles that promote strong neutral grips.

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