Part 2: Awkward Postures

Putting the body in awkward postures repeatedly over time will likely cause injury. Awkward postures are postures that place the joints in extreme angles and make the body more susceptible to injury.

For example, the wrist is strongest when it is straight, and in what is called the neutral position. When it is bent backwards or forwards, the wrist is in a vulnerable position, susceptible to injury. These injuries can include tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. A common work task that can have poor wrist postures is typing on a computer.

Awkward postures that affect the back and neck can be caused by an awkward seated or standing posture. Proper posture can be described as the ears are above the shoulders and equal weight distribution between the legs. Standing and sitting posture is involved in all aspects of life and therefore it is important to ensure proper posture.

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