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April 2009 Newsletter

April 17th, 2009
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The Ergonomics of Dining Out!

Think of the last time you got terrible service at a restaurant. Even if the food was great you probably don?t want to go back to that particular restaurant. The bad user experience spoiled any of the positives about it.

But, wait, you might think – there’s nothing ergonomic about that, that’s just what happens sometimes when you dine out! Wrong, it is all ergonomics. The success of the system as a whole depends on the interface between the user and the product. The comfort the user has with the interface and the efficiency and accuracy with which they complete their task are all ergonomic factors. So, your poor experience was a result of poor ergonomics after all!

To get the most from Ergonomics, you must apply ergonomic principles early on in a process. What that means is that if you set things up efficiently to begin with, you will reap the benefits over the life of the product or system. It also means that the longer you wait to implement ergonomic solutions, the more costly it will become, both in terms of implementation cost and the costs of inefficiencies. Perhaps the costliest thing a business can do is to not focus on ergonomic improvements to their systems and workspaces, whether they be office workstations, poultry processing, a manufacturing plant, or any other operation.

Go Canucks Go!!

Ergo-Motion proudly supports our Vancouver Canucks, as they battle the St. Louis Blues in First Round Playoff Hockey.


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