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Gardening Ergonomic Tips

July 17th, 2013
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  • To avoid lifting, rake leaves onto a tarp.  When full, pull the tarp and unload the leaves to the desired location.
  • Always use gloves to provide padding and to prevent cuts and scrapes.  Thin gloves form fitting gloves are preferred as too much padding will decrease hand strength, coordination and grip.
  • Maintain tools by keeping them well maintained.  A dull blade will require more effort and force and could lead to injury.
  • The use of long-handed tools or taking periodic breaks to minimize reaching overhead will keep your body in a comfortable position.
  • Work with wrists in a neutral position (straight, in line with forearm, and with thumbs up).  Remember to hold objects with a light grasp or grip.
  • Avoid fine-motor repetitive movements such as pinching and pulling (weeding)
  • Minimize the time spent working with your head and neck in an extended position (looking up).  Take periodic breaks to avoid fatigue.