A Complimentary Tool: An Ergonomic Assessment Tool

Ergo-Motion has announced the release of a new complimentary, quick tool called the Ergonomic Assessment Tool. This tool gives employers, employees, and individuals the opportunity to determine if an ergonomic assessment would be beneficial.

What is an Ergonomic Assessment?  It is an assessment of the environment that individuals work in to determine if changes are necessary to decrease the risk of injury at the workplace. Recommendations are given to both decrease the risk of injury and to increase comfort.

The ergonomic assessment comes with a cost, and Ergo-Motion Consulting realizes this. Therefore the Ergonomic Assessment Tool was developed for the convenience of both companies and employees alike. It will determine if an individual will benefit from an on-site comprehensive ergonomic assessment. This prevents frivolous spending for companies who do not require an ergonomic assessment, and this also gives individuals an indication of the likelihood their working environment may cause them harm in the future, if not already. Ergo-Motion Consulting also realized the importance of time and convenience, so the Ergonomic Assessment Tool was made accordingly. It is a brief, two-minute, online quiz.

Visit http://ergotool.ergo-motion.com/ to try this complimentary new tool.

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