Ergo-Motion has a commitment to social, economic, and environmental sustainability, and is continually looking for ways to contribute to our sustainability efforts.  Some of our current efforts are noted below:


  • We have a strong commitment to the health and wellness of our staff and consultants, and support flexible work schedules and arrangements.
  • We offer a comprehensive health benefits package to our staff
  • We support our staff’s ongoing education
  • We offer funds to and our staff volunteer with local organizations that contribute significantly to the community.
  • We offer our services at significantly reduced rates to charities.
  • More recently, we have provided ergonomic consulting services to a local charity


  • We pay our consultants generously and encourage them to provide donations to organizations within their communities.
  • We re-invest a portion of corporate profits into business development activities
  • We invest heavily in staff education.
  • We invest a portion of our corporate profits into local organizations that contribute to the communities we serve.


  • We utilize compact fluorescent, and/or LED lights where possible.
  • More energy efficient computers have been purchased, and automatic ‘hibernation’ software installed.
  • Our website server is hosted with a certified carbon neutral provider.
  • We have developed a network of consultants across Canada, allowing our consultants to live and work in the communities they serve.  This reduces the amount of vehicle and plane travel required within our company.
  • When meetings are required, we utilize teleconference technology to reduce traveling.
  • We utilize a single fax server and distribute our faxes through our internal network to reduce the number of fax machines sitting idle.
  • Printing is reduced through a secure electronic records database usage.  Where printing is required, we make every effort to print double sided on recycled paper, and use recycled toner cartridges.